When you purchase from iFLY, you’re joining the world’s largest wind tunnel brand, as well as one of the fastest growing names in experiential entertainment.  The brand continues to gain global recognition.  Each iFLY facility and each global brand impression benefits the entire group, and we consistently attract strong partnerships and media mentions.  Some recent examples include America’s Got Talent, “LIVE with Kelly & Ryan” and our popular virtual reality team-up with Dreamworks’ “How to Train Your Dragon 3” movie release.  When Mitchie Brusco set the world record with the first ever Big Air 1260, at the 2019 X Games, he wore the “iFLY” brand.


  • Safety is at the heart of iFLY, keeping staff and customers safe is our number one priority. As an owner, this keeps you safe
  • An annual R&D budget of over $1M ensures that iFLY remains on the cutting edge of wind tunnel innovation, developing industry-leading designs for enhanced flyer safety.
  • Motors are positioned away from flight chamber to ensure flyer safety, the highest quality airflow and tunnel efficiency
  • Safety-first design provides a slow and controlled descent in the event of a power failure
  • Tunnel entrance doors are controlled by an instructor
  • “Key Safe” fortress lockout system ensures completely safe motor and tunnel shutdown procedures
  • Risk management and safety is core to our business
  • iFLY employs a full-time safety team of 6


  • Extensive product portfolio including modular designs and permanent installations capable of serving any tunnel requirements
  • Open flow and recirculating tunnel solutions to optimize budget and site constraints
  • Tunnel diameters ranging from 3m - 10m (10' - 32') deliver wall to wall airflow for all sizes
  • Low cost, quick build options available for shorter term projects
  • Showcase tunnels provide a high-end experience for flyers and spectators
  • Select tunnel models are ideal for integration into existing project or facility
  • Turnkey solutions available
  • Optional management contracts relieve an owner of the requirement to operate
  • Optional ongoing maintenance and spare parts packages ensure your tunnel operates at the highest standard over time


  • Designed for minimal maintenance (average $15K - $25K per year)
  • Average power consumption is +/- 380 kW (lowest in the industry by far), creating ongoing savings on electricity bills
  • Software solutions to further manage electricity consumption
  • Airflow is fully air conditioned and refreshed to create a comfortable experience in any climate.
  • Remote data collection of key tunnel metrics aides to monitor system health and facilitate trouble shooting
  • Fans are horizontally positioned to reduce weight on bearings, resulting in the longest possible lifespan of your wind tunnel while simultaneously decreasing flyer risk
  • Settling chamber after turn 3 allows for any small debris to be removed from the airflow path resulting in a safer flight experience
  • Patented hollow extruded turning vanes allow for hyper efficient cooling and heat exchange
  • Fan material selected purposely for its weight and ease of repair


  • iFLY owns and operates 42 of our own wind tunnels
  • You are the beneficiary of our decades of collective experience as we provide ongoing, substantive updates to our established operational systems and franchise model
  • We keep you safe having developed the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) to create, set and maintain flight safety standards
  • You receive our complete library of standard procedures and training supports the planning and execution of day-to-day operations
  • Your operational quality is assured through our auditing and inspection protocol
  • We keep you running through our experienced maintenance team of qualified and appropriately specialized engineers, available to assess, diagnose, and resolve your maintenance needs


  • With seven military tunnels commissioned worldwide, we are experienced in catering to the exacting requirements of militaries
  • Precise simulation provides a high-quality training environment
  • Wind tunnel training significantly lowers the costs associated with aircraft and aircrew, and removes the risks associated with weather and equipment
  • Currency training is more affordable and faster to arrange
  • Tunnel usage increases new cadet jump proficiency, safety and reduces cadet dropout rate
  • Video reinforced coaching allows for immediate, more accurate feedback
  • Helmet-mounted communication equipment allows for verbal transmission between instructor and trainees while inside the airflow


  • iFLY has international brand status with 89 wind tunnels commissioned and more under construction all around the world
  • With size comes a large manufacturing capacity and support team dedicated to our partners and our collective mission to Deliver the Dream of Flight, worldwide
  • Integrated into multiple theme parks around the world including Universal Studios Hollywood in the US and The Bear Gryll's Adventure in the UK


  • 154 trademark registrations covering 19 marks in 65 countries; 40 pending trademark applications
  • 53 issued patents and 35 pending patents protect key IP in 59 countries
  • Research and Development (R&D) creates innovation, safety, efficiency, and better, more exciting ways to do things. Protection of our innovations leads to sustainable R&D

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