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custom Wind tunnel

Does your project command a unique touch?

Does your project command a unique touch?

Deliver the dream of flight in a way unlike any other.

From an iconic shopping center atrium in Paris to the challenging environment of an upper deck of a cruise ship circumnavigating the globe, iFLY Tunnel Systems has designed custom tunnels for a wide variety of concepts around the world. We’ve created tunnels as small as 3 meters (10 feet) in diameter for our Universal Studios location that magically appears out of the City Walk street in Hollywood, and we’ve designed the largest tunnel in the world at 9.8 meters (32 feet) in Abu Dhabi.

the largest wind tunnel in the world

Want to be the biggest and the best?

Measuring 9.8 meters (32 feet) in diameter with a flyable height over 31.5 meters (104 feet), iFLY Tunnel Systems designed, engineered, manufactured, and commissioned the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world in November 2019. This volume creates more than three times the flyable area than the next largest wind tunnel which has a diameter of 5.5 meters (18 feet). iFLY Tunnel Systems can, and will, design a wind tunnel of any size!

over water

Real estate is not always stationary nor land. When Royal Caribbean International decided to have their customers fly while on a cruise, they came to iFLY Tunnels Systems for the solution. So far, they have equipped 5 of their latest generation cruise ships with iFLY technology.

Some of the prime locations in cities around the world is river frontage. Innovative design by iFLY engineers has also created a static barge solution that can be customized for any prime mooring.

location based entertainment

For experiential concepts that need extra ‘wow factor’, iFLY wind tunnels can be integrated with entertainment attractions. The Bear Grylls Adventure Centre in Birmingham, UK comprises of 10 indoor and outdoor activities including the opportunity for guests to take flight in an iFLY wind tunnel.

shopping centers

The retail landscape is evolving and the design of shopping centers increasingly calls for experiential entertainment that captures the imagination and the attention of visitors. Integrating iFLY within a shopping center creates an inspiring experience, enhances dwell time, leaves a memorable impression and increases visitor expenditure. iFLY Paris won the prestigious MAPIC Award for ‘Best Leisure Concept in a Retail Space’ in 2017. iFLY can also be found in established shopping centers in Dubai, UAE and Minsk, Belarus.

Entertainment Centers

In much the same way that we see retail grouped together, we have also seen success where leisure operators co-exist and join forces.

Operating successfully since 2005,  iFLY’s first recirculating tunnel in Milton Keynes, UK, is integrated within the Xscape Entertainment Centre which includes an indoor ski slope, bowling alley, cinema and other activities all supported by F&B and retail.

Also in the UK, iFLY Manchester is co-located with the Chill Factore indoor skiing & snowboarding slope adjacent to the massive Trafford Centre retail mall.

iFLY Utah, a franchise since 2007, can be found at the Salomon Center, a sports complex with an indoor surf wave, rock climbing, a gym and more experiential concepts.

Prime Shopping Streets

Top tourist districts and high street shopping areas are always competing for attention. Stand apart from the crowd and captivate the audience’s attention with the inspiring dream of flight on display for all visitors to see.

iFLY Hollywood has resided in the acclaimed Universal CityWalk since 2007.

The renewed location for iFLY Orlando opens directly onto International Drive with the use of a large bi-folding glass door welcoming passers-by right into the facility from the street.


The iFLY heritage is from skydiving and our first tunnels were to serve the skydiving community. Some were based right on the Drop Zone. This created the ultimate training facility for all levels of skydivers right up to elite competition. It also helped spawn a lucrative coaching business and lifestyle for many individuals.

Although nearly every iFLY tunnel has a healthy amount of skydiver business, the tunnels at Perris, California and Eloy, Arizona are based at the DZ.

Blue Skies!

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